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Monday, January 2, 2012

Eat This, Not That- knowing your Genes and what's good for you

You may be familiar with the “Eat This, Not That!” diet craze that has been the focus of numerous books as well as regularly featured on the Today Show and in Men’s Health. The idea is simple: substitute a less healthy option with one that gives you more bang for your caloric buck. For example, instead of ordering a large burger and fries at the drive-thru window, consider ordering a grilled chicken sandwich and some apple slices. Easy concept, right?!

Well, we wanted to put a little spin on this idea and bring you “Eat This, Not That!” diet solutions straight from individuals who have all taken the Weight Management Genetic Test and have implemented new eating habits as a result.

 Carb Reducer:
When you are a Carb Reducer, it is important to find low and healthy carb options that are still enjoyable. 

Love breads, bagels and pastas? Kenny G. from Henderson, NV says eat this, not that: “…recently I changed the type of bread I eat from mass supermarket high carb bread to Julian Bakery bread with total of 1 carb, no preservatives and gluten free.”

Spud lover? Sally N. from Rochester, NY says eat this, not that: “Instead of potatoes, I will eat cauliflower or broccoli, foregoing butter and using a little spice to kick it up a notch.”

Peanut butter connoisseur? Kenny G. says eat this, not that: “I also changed the type of peanut butter I eat from supermarket brand to one that doesn’t contain hydrogenated oils and other preservatives.”

At fast food restaurants: Sally N. says eat this, not that: “When I am out and about and caught in the fast food line, I will choose the veggie burger, minus the roll, and ask for extra lettuce and tomatoes to make it my way. It comes in a nice little dish with a cover.”

Interested in finding more Carb Reducer-friendly recipes? Check out the Low-Carb Dinner Recipes page from BetterRecipes.com 

Fat Trimmer:

Cut the fat! When you are a Fat Trimmer, it is important to monitor your daily fat intake while still finding delicious and healthy options.

Meat eater? Tracy H. from Summerville, SC says eat this, not that: “Something else I don’t have to give up is having burgers. I can have what is called a Greek garden burger. It is a veggie burger on a whole wheat pita instead of beef on a white bun.”

It is all about the substitution: Sally N. says eat this, not that: “I use ground turkey instead of beef in recipes like meatloaf and stuffed peppers.”

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Instead of cooking with or eating eggs, consider eating egg whites or egg substitutes.

Can’t forget about the potato chips: If you’re having a salty snack craving, consider opting for the baked chips as a healthier option.

Want to find more alternatives to fatty foods? Check out the Healthy Meal Makeovers page from the Food Network. 

Better Balancer:
Being a Better Balancer is all about balance and finding low-calorie ways to still enjoy the foods you love! Here are some suggestions from Nicole B. in Boston:

Got milk? Instead of cooking with, or drinking, whole milk (which is full of calories from fat), try a reduced 1% or skim milk. Not creamy enough? Many dairy alternatives, such as almond or soy milk, provide a more creamy texture and still offer a low-fat alternative to whole milk.

Snack attack: Everyone needs a snack every now and then but it’s what you fuel your body with, is what makes the difference. Eat this, not that: instead of chips or crackers, try opting for  nuts, seeds or legumes.

Sweet tooth! When looking for something sweet, consider picking up fresh or dried fruit instead of a candy bar; it may not have rice crispies in it but fruit has its own natural sugar.

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