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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Is Nutrilite?

Nutrilite is a brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements used for general nutrition, heart health, weight management and children's nutrition. Access Business Group, a branch of Alticor, manufactures Nutrilite and Amway distributes and sells the Nutrilite supplements. This brand is also known as Nutriway in several international markets.


Carl Rehnborg founded Nutrilite in 1934. Rehnborg spent time in China in 1920, and while in China, he started supplementing his diet with nutritional elements missing in the typical Chinese diet. Back in the United States, he developed a formulation that contained alfalfa, watercress and parsley. Rehnborg introduced the first Nutrilite product in 1943. In 2001, five Nutrilite products received for the first time certification by NSF International. In 2007, Nutrilite introduced the Simply Nutrilite line featuring health bars, antioxidants and vitamin supplements.


Nutrilite claims to harvest and process all plants used in the Nutrilite supplements on organic farms either owned by Nutrilite or independently operated. Nutrilite uses farming techniques based on soil solarization, pest management and sustainable agricultural production systems. These farms located in California and Washington State, Brazil and Mexico add up to over 6,311 acres. Nutrilite also purports to have specific manufacturing principles that assure quality products. These principles include minimum time between harvesting and dehydrating, special concentration processes, appropriate testing, exact measurement, uniform blending and careful treatment of tablets.

Nutrilite Products

You can divide Nutrilite products into three branches: vitamins and dietary supplements, sport and energy, and weight management. Nutrilite vitamins include phytonutrients, vitamin C and D, calcium, brain health omega, antioxidants, ginseng, dandelion, valerian and B complex. Nutrilite sport and energy and weight management products include various protein shakes, energy bars, recovery drinks and whey protein. Nutrilite weight management products include shakes, meal bar packs, carbohydrate blockers, powder fiber, brownies and other tools including plan management journals, DVDs and glucose health supplements.

Nutrilite and specific ailments

Nutrilite purports to have supplements that you can use to manage certain types of diseases. For example, Nutrilite recommends the protein powder for diabetes, omega-3 and garlic heart care for high blood pressure, iron-folic tablets for anemia, Siberian ginseng for stress, bone health for osteoporosis, glucosamine for ostetoarthritis and parselenium-E for acne.





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