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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nutrilite Nutritional Supplements "The Proven Leader"


We invented multis.

That was in 1934. Our mulitvitamin-multimineral supplement was the first ever in North America. So was our kids’ multi in 1950. That makes us the only supplement company that has offered high-quality vitamins continuously for nearly 70 years.

We “discovered” phytonutrients.

Right from the beginning we knew there was more to good nutrition than vitamins and minerals. We figured plants had other nutrients important to us. So, we put alfalfa concentrate in our first multi. It was a crazy idea back in ’34, but we were right. It’s no different today. When it comes to phytonutrients, we still lead the way. NUTRILITE DOUBLE X®, our premier multi, has concentrates from 16 natural sources – more types of phytonutrients than other leading brands.

We’re committed to research.

Our research studies on nutrition and phytonutrients have been published in highly respected professional journals since 1953. Our reputation continues to grow today through groundbreaking research, ever-improving facilities, and our professional relationships.

For example, we are currently collaborating with California State Polytechnic University. We also maintain technical research relationships with 75 universities and institutions around the world, including Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention, Yonsie University in Korea, and The Center for Genetics, Nutrition and Health in Washington, DC.

To learn more about phytonutrients, we recently invested $1 million in research equipment and acquired one of the largest herb farms in the U.S. – Trout Lake Farm in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. And of course we’re working to improve existing varieties of plants and even developing new ones. Look for some innovative herb-based products in the works! To sum up, we grow lots of plants, but the grass under our feet isn’t one of them.

We set the industry standard for quality.

Everybody talks about quality assurance, but we “live” quality assurance. Our scientists conduct about 400,000 product evaluations every year. Every batch of DOUBLE X is subjected to 900 quality checks for purity and potency. Other supplements must pass 300 quality tests – that’s on every batch. And it’s done by voluntarily following many of the FDA standards for pharmaceutical companies. (They’re called Good Manufacturing Practices, GMPs, and many supplement manufacturers don’t bother with them.) We’re so adamant about quality, we believe all supplement companies should follow GMPs. That’s why we’re making recommendations on new governmental guidelines for our industry. It’s just the right thing to do.

We grow organic.

Surprisingly, we’re the only global supplement company that grows, harvests, and processes many of the plants we use in our supplements on our own certified-organic farms. And with four farms, that’s no easy task. (The ladybugs shown here are part of our organic pest control system.) Local agencies do the certifying for organic farms in their jurisdiction, so the standards are different on different farms. For example, the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) certifies our flagship farm in Lakeview and their standards are some of the toughest in the country. It takes time, effort and money to meet all the strict standards set by several different agencies. But it’s worthwhile. Organic farming is better for the environment than traditional farming. And it’s the best way we know to grow and harvest the plants we use.

At Nutrilite, we lead the way. And the facts prove it.

 Nutrilite - "Best of Nature and Best of Science."

1. No 1 Food supplement company in the world started in 1934.
2. Global turnover is more than $3 billion.
3. Ronaldhino, Sanya Richards, Adam Gilchrist are brand ambassadors.
4. Sponsor of AC Milan football team.
5. Produces supplements on their own certified organic farms.
6. More than 200 products world-wide. More than 10 billion Nutrilite tablets, capsules and softgels are produced each year. 
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