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Monday, January 3, 2011

Working It: Sneak in a Workout on the Job

by Julie Smith

Do you ever feel that if you don’t have a full hour to devote to working out, why bother?

I’ll admit it, I often fall into this camp, but I’m hoping to makeover my attitude. One of my resolutions for 2011 is to incorporate some easy changes into my workday routine that will hopefully add up to not only fitness gains, but increased productivity as well.

Here are four ways I’m planning to change and the potential benefits of doing so if you’re also inclined to pursue better health on the job:

My chair: Inspired by one of my co-workers, I’ll swap my standard-issue desk chair for something a little less stable. While sitting on a stability ball at the office might raise some eyebrows, it will also strengthen your abs and improve your posture, plus it’s a relatively easy swap to make.

My parking routine: We all do it. Circle the lot for the best possible spot, hoping to snag a coveted front-row space. No more. The extra steps (and calories burned) from parking a little farther away will more than make up for trudging across the slushy mess that is a Michigan parking lot in winter.

My hydration station: Currently, I refuel my coffee cup and water glass at the closest available stations. Starting now, I’ll be switching it up and seeking water coolers and coffeepots that require me to travel a bit farther. Quick mini-walks throughout the day will help me burn calories and stay energized throughout the afternoon. I’m going to stock up on NUTRILITE® Twist Tubes in Strawberry Kiwi flavor for Immunity to make me want to keep refilling my water glass, and sneak in some tasty immunity-boosting antioxidants while I’m at it!

My flexibility: This one has nothing to do with my schedule or how I deal with people, I promise! I’ll be aiming to take short stretching breaks every hour or so. Sitting statically at your desk has been shown to increase your risk for conditions such as carpal tunnel and can wreak havoc on your bones, joints, and muscles. By simply taking a few minutes at my desk to engage in light stretching, I’m hoping to avoid problems associated with a desk job.

How will you sneak it in Today?


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